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Dear Ladies,

we are really pleased – as the Granny Aupair community is growing steadily! Especially in the last few days we were able to welcome many new members – Grannies and Families. The fresh new year is seemingly bringing the necessary momentum to approach enterprises with gusto.  To enable you to quickly find your dream destination, we want to give you some useful tips, which we were able to collect due to our experience from our altogether eight years of Granny Aupair: 
  1. Let yourself be inspired by all offers!
  2. Do not pay so much attention to specific countries. When all is said, the people to whom you will be going are more important.
  3. If you find families interesting, but their specifications like length of stay and arrival date do not match your wishes, contact them anyway, as many families are looking for several Grannies one after the other. A lot of things are negotiable and asking questions doesn’t cost anything!
  4. As long as the families’ profiles are visible you can contact them, even if some specifications seem to be dated. Often the families just forget to keep their profiles up to date.
  5. When you have made a contact request you need a bit of patience. It often takes a couple of days or even weeks for the families to answer. The families are very busy or initially collect a few requests, before answering.
  6. Search with heart and mind – before agreeing to go to a family, you should be clear about some of the details and conditions of your time together. Speak on the phone beforehand, skype or mail extensively with the family! Thus there will be no surprises later on and both sides will know what they are getting into.
  7. Gather information about the country and people you are travelling to – especially if you are interested in more exotic climates.
  8. The more flexible you are the sooner you can say “I’m off”.
But beforehand you can contact us if you have any queries. We are there for you with advice and support.

Best wishes from

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team

Below  we are introducing you to two families from our long list, who are looking for a Granny as soon as possible:

Historical University Town 

In the heart of the famous historic city of Cambridge in eastern England you can find the University's architecturally exceptional colleges. But Cambridge has much also much more to offer: busy marketplaces, cozy tearooms, hillwalking in the Cambridge Fens and just an hour by train to London. In the center of the university town, an international family (username: mrsgarden) with a two-year-old twin couple is looking for a loving French- or Germanspeaking temporary Granny, who also likes to cook and help  a bit in the household as soon as possible. The children go to the nursery two to three days a week so the Granny would also have time for herself, for example, to attend a language course. The Granny will have a beautiful room with private bath in a spacious house. The travel expenses will be taken over completely

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Down Under in World’s most liveable city

A high quality of life distinguishes Melbourne in the Australian state of Victoria:  Not for nothing the city was voted “World’s most liveable city” for the seventh time running. Here the green banks of the Yarra river beckon as well as the white beaches of Port Phillip Bay and the Yarra Range with high hills east of the city. Close to this multicultural metropolis this small granny-experienced family (Grandfather and grandson with Molly the cat) with the user name Keithluke is looking for their next Granny Aupair as soon as possible. 13year old Luke goes to school until the afternoon, so the Granny has lots of time to discover the exciting surroundings and Melbourne. An own separate space upstairs in the house consisting of bedroom, bathroom, lounge room, balcony and study nook is waiting for the Granny. 

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