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Granny Aupair

Dear Ladies,

To live life to the full to the very last minute, true to the motto “It is never too late to start something new” that’s the guideline of Andreas Kruse, Director of the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Heidelberg and one of the best-known gerontologists in Germany.

The expert has found out that it is important for people to see themselves as part of social relationships and to be integrated into care structures up to high old age: This means not only 'I should be cared for' – but also 'I want to care about others and care for others'.

The researcher of ageing considers it particularly important to bring the different generations into contact with each other, since the get-together of generations can be a remarkable source of solidarity and mutual support.

This living together of several generations in combination with the experience of something new is especially possible as a Granny Aupair: Discover a new country, a new culture and enjoy the time with different generations in your host family!

At the moment, various families from around the world are looking for a loving temporary granny, to support them with advice and assistance. You can find further information below, where we introduce you to three of the families, who are looking for a Granny soon or a bit later in the year, or on our website where further families from many countries are looking forward to your contact request.

Best wishes from

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team

Holiday Paradise on the Costa Blanca  

In the port city of Javea on the Costa Blanca near Alicante in Spain, a beautiful old town centre, 20 km of sandy beaches and hidden bays are waiting to be discovered by you. Here a German-Spanish restaurant trade family (username FamilyBausSpain) with five children (three girls, 16, 9 and 2 and two boys 13 and 5) is looking forward to a loving temporary Granny with driving license especially for the two little ones as soon as possible. Except for the youngest, the other children go to school until early in the afternoon. The Granny has a beautiful large room with its own bathroom waiting for her. The travel expenses will be taken over in part.

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The uncrowned queen of South America  

São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil and its economic centre, is also known under this name. The multicultural character of the huge metropolis, especially shaped by Portuguese, Japanese, Germans and Italians but also many other nations, is a defining feature of the city, which is home to millions of people.
In addition, the city offers many sights, theaters, museums and universities. In the surroundings you can find waterfalls, caves, rivers, mountains, mineral springs, nature parks, historical reminiscences of the last centuries, old churches in the Jesuit style and a kilometre-long Atlantic coast.
Directly in São Paulo a small international family with a four month old son and the username Mercki is looking for a loving Granny Aupair as soon as possible. The family spends the weekends in their other apartment on the coast in Santos. In both apartments, the Granny will be provided with a nice room with its own bathroom. Sport and spa facilities are also available in both residential complexes. The travel expenses will be taken over completely.

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City of Angels

Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach, not forgetting museums, film studios, shopping opportunities – the things to do and see in Los Angeles are endless. In Northridge in the North-West of the San Fernando Valley near the California State University a small creative family of three (user name redheadednowhere) with a five-year-old son would like to welcome a Granny, who enjoys cooking and with a driving license as from May/June for three months, when the father has to be abroad for a couple of months, in order to give the mother a hand and to housesit for two weeks in July. Little Leo goes to school until the late afternoon so the Granny would have enough time to explore the exciting surroundings or visit courses at the nearby University. A nice room in a house at the outskirts as well as a car is waiting for the Granny. 

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Our Tip:

Since many of our families are of international origin, it would be helpful if you could write about you and your hobbies etc. in the “free text fields” in your profile in two languages for example in English and French or Spanish. If necessary, you can use the Google translator to help you. Thus the families can get a better understanding of you.


Becoming a Granny Aupair is totally easy – this is how it works:

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As a subscriber to our newsletter you are already registered for free. You can log into the secure area and browse through the profiles of our families with no further obligation.

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As a member of Granny Aupair you can then get in contact with other members. For this purpose you just click on the “Become a member” button in our community-section and pay your membership fee easily by PayPal or bank transfer. Tip: Upon payment with PayPal your profile is activated straight away and you can contact our Families & co. immediately. 

·  Finding your way abroad

As a member of Granny Aupair you can now get in touch with the families and co. They can then also view your profile and contact you. You decide who may see your contact details. Write, phone or skype in detail with the families who are on your short list. Maybe you can also organize an introductory meeting. Get to know each other thoroughly and discuss the precise arrangements of your stay (accommodation, responsibilities and daily routine, coverage of travel costs, pocket money etc.). Is the chemistry right? Then get your things together and you’re off!

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